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Is organic brown basmati rice healthy?

People are trying to be healthy and also without compromising the quality of the food they intake. Well, we at Farm India Organic know the importance of using natural fertilizers to produce grains, free from harmful pesticides and chemicals.

So, we are proud to have introduced Organic Brown Basmati Rice, perfect for cooking some lip-smacking rice dishes, minus the unhealthy carbohydrates and chemicals. These long grains are perfect for cooking biriyani, and pulao or can be eaten plain with some delicious curries.

The value you get from organic brown basmati rice:

Most people are really sceptical and don’t know if Vacuum packed Basmati Rice under the organic branch is actually healthy to consume or not. Well, we are here to share some amazing facts about Best Brown Basmati Rice, as procured from our side, which will clearly let you know why we are selling many bags a day!

  • The organic brown basmati rice is known for its unique long-grain and its naturally-aromatic smell.
  • We produce organic brown rice in and near the Himalayan foothills in India, where the grains receive enough nourishment and nutrition from the surrounding water bodies.
  • So, the products from Farm Organic won’t need any harmful pesticides or fertilizers to get that natural flavour going.
  • Unlike the organic white basmati rice, the brown ones get their name from their appearance and colour.
  • It has a light or dark tan colour because of the intact bran layer, which won’t get removed by any polishing method.
  • Once you cook this particular form of rice variety, it will give off that nutty or earthy aroma and flavour, well accompanied by a soft-boiled and fluffy texture.

Features to check-in:

Before you proceed further and procure our organic brown basmati rice from the Organic Farm, we would like to share some features of this particular grain of rice.

  • This organic brown basmati rice is known to be naturally gluten-free. So, it is perfect for gluten intolerant people, who fail to consume rice on a daily basis.
  • Organic whole grain rice is great for its top-notch quantity of antioxidants present. It is because of the reduced loss of phytochemicals.
  • Moreover, some flavonoids like tricin and the flavones will also form some major features associated with organic brown basmati rice.
  • The antioxidants, as you get from organic brown rice, will help in detoxifying your body, reduce the level of stress you are feeling and maintain your overall health.
  • Organic brown basmati rice is known to have a sharp flavour and firmer texture when compared to white basmati rice.
  • Along with that, these bags from our Organic Grocery Store India will have higher fibre content, protein, vitamin and all the necessary minerals your body needs to function properly.
  • So, if you are suffering from constipation and need fibre-rich food items in your diet plan, we would recommend you to buy organic brown basmati rice from our rice.

We have a 1kg bag of organic brown basmati rice available at just 299 rupees! Hurry up and get one before the sale ends.