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Organic Seeds – Chia And Flax Seeds Are Now Just A Click Away!

Right now, people are turning their notion towards organic products. They are always in the lookout for the best and natural ingredients that will keep their body healthy for a longer span of time. Even though the market is huge for organic products, nothing can beat the importance of organic seeds you can get from our store at Farm india Organic.

Right from organic chia seeds to the organic flax seeds, we have everything in different packages. It all depends on what you want to purchase and we have a discounted rate going on for a flexible time span. So, next time you want to save some bucks, make sure to get the organic seeds from our store right away!

Organic chia seeds to the rescue!

Available in a 1kg package, chia seeds form one of the major organic food items to add in your daily diet plan. With us, you can always enjoy quality assurance because as have trusted certificates to prove our products. Furthermore, we will vacuum pack each one of our packet to help retain its freshness for a longest span of time.

* Our organic chia seeds are rich in dietary fibre. It helps in maintaining your bowel health to the fullest.

* Moreover, these chia seeds are the potent sources of phosphorus. It will be your perfect helping hand to form bones and teeth.

* Want to enjoy the goodness of protein? Well, with our chia seeds you can get that. These organic seeds are proven to reduce cravings and boost energy.

* Our Organic chia seeds have potassium in them. It helps in regulate fluid balance and muscle contractions.

* Furthermore, get this golden opportunity to help build and maintain strong bones by adding organic chia seeds in your diet plan. It is because of the rich calcium content within these seeds.

Introducing our organic flax seeds:

Also available in a 1kg package, our Organic flax seeds are delivered directly to your given address on time. We vacuum pack our items to help you store food for a longer and healthier time. It keeps the freshness and flavour of flax seeds all locked up for a longer span of time. It inhibits growth of harmful bacteria and viruses as well!

* Our USDA certified organic flax seeds are rich in omega-3 content. So, that is how you get to maintain your brain and heart health.

* There is a potent source of potassium too, which regulates fluid balance and helps with muscle contractions.

* You have the goodness of magnesium, which helps in maintaining normal nerve and muscle functions.

* Lastly, our organic flax seeds are great source of sodium. It is one way to keep you blood pressure under control and working on blood volume.

Our products are now just a click away!

In order to get your hands on the organic seeds from our store, all you have to do is visit You can email us your queries at or call us at +91 8080 800 108 to know more about the availability of the products.