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The Importance Of Leading The Organic Way Of Life

One of the main reasons for the importance of organic food in our lives is the promise of good health. there has been a consistent rise in health hazards, especially among children and young adults, that is the result of inorganic food culture.

Products available at the organic products supermarket show a marked difference in quality and taste when compared to regular fruits and vegetables.

What Is Organic Farming

Simply put, organic farming refers to the age-old practices of cultivation that was devoid of any mass use of chemical pesticides and other products that would artificially enhance growth.

In recent years there has been a renewed effort to farm organic food crops and vegetables and introduce a healthier way of life.

What Is Inorganic Farming

As the population of countries grew, there was a steep rise in demand and a slowdown in supplies. To bring an equilibrium on both sides, there was the use of means of cultivation that would speed up the growth of crops and vegetables.  
The use of chemical pesticides, hormones, herbicides, and antibiotics is carried out to boost crop growth and prevent insect or pest invasion in these crops to prevent damage of any kind.

Importance Of Organic Farming
The importance and usefulness of organic food products are not just for the cause of human health but also for the benefit of preserving the ecological system of planet Earth.

The soil and the Earth’s environment are constantly being exposed to the harmful effects of hazardous chemicals. This is leaving an impact not just on the crops and vegetables, but also on the condition of the soil and the living species within it.
With the use of organic farming methods, the natural nutrients of the soil and its healthy formation are restored and facilitated. This is also beneficial in the efforts to reduce global warming.

Growth Of Organic Farming In India

There has been a consistent growth in the use of organic farming methods within cultivation in India. However, the level achieved so far is a far cry from the actual requirements, no doubt.

An effort is also made to bring certain wild areas within the folds of cultivation as well.  This is aimed at enhancing the production of organic products India needs to meet its market demands.

In 2020-2021, there has been a 1681295.61 ha wild harvest collection area beside the 2657889.33 ha of organic cultivated area.

Growth In Popular Use

The use of organic farming methods has been on the rise across several states in India.  Local bodies and government agencies are encouraging farmers with free and subsidized supplies of organic fertilizers and chemical-free pesticides.
State governments are constantly trying to set up a natural health food store in every zone of a district to promote and popularize its usage.


It is easy to find an organic vegetable shop these days. There are segments for this available at popular supermarkets as well.

Though the price mark seems higher than the rest, people are growing more conscious of the health benefits involved.

Online Buying

It is easy to find an organic food website as well. These websites and online stores often procure some of the best organic foods directly from the cultivators and the farmers. This in a way helps them to keep the prices low as well.

With facilities like free home delivery and express delivery services, with damage-proof packaging, shopping from the nearby organic health food store available on the internet has now become more accessible and time-efficient.  

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